Urban Homestead is happy to take on any sized project, from a spruced up bed to a complete landscape overhaul. Scroll down or use the menu on the right to find out more about what we specialize in.

Edible Landscaping

Growing your own food organically from home is the best way to secure its quality and your own health. We can build the edible landscape you need to grow it yourself.

Vegetable & Herb Gardens
Urban Homestead has extensive experience creating productive organic and biointensive vegetable gardens. We design a garden appropriate to your space and your needs, do the grunt work of installing it, and then help maintain it as much as you need.

Home Orchards
Home fruit production is a fun and less intensive way to jump into growing your own food. We select the best adapted trees for your landscape and take care of planting, pruning and pest control.

Edible Landscapes & Lawns
The true edible landscape heals the division between the vegetable garden and traditional “landscaping” and creates some exciting possibilities. Imagine if all the flowers in your garden were edible, your beds were filled with striking herbs and vegetables, and your lawn was an aromatic mat of oregano and thyme. We can fill your landscape with plants that are both edible/medicinal and decorative.


Ecological Landscaping

Ecological landscaping works from an awareness of the human landscape as part of a greater living system. Urban Homestead designs landscapes that acknowledge the stresses we put on the environment yet emphasize the positive impact we can have on it. We focus on planting species that are native to our area, which highlights the distinct natural beauty of California.

Water is a precious commodity in our drought prone part of the country. By designing with low water use (xeric) plants we can greatly reduce the water and energy expended in maintaining your landscape.

We can design a wildscape in your yard that will provide year round food, water and shelter for a variety of birds and butterflies. For the true wildlife enthusiast, we can also have your property certified a wildlife habitat by the National Wildlife Federation.



Our experienced gardeners are availble for a variety of specialized maintenance tasks including but not limited to, annual pruning, tree trimming, soil testing and amending, weeding and pest/disease control. Please contact us to develop a maintenance program that fits your landscape.



Urban Homestead is available to speak to your group on a variety of organic gardening topics and can develop an integrated gardening program at your institution.

School Gardens
We have experience working in the public schools and are aware of the positive impacts an outdoor education can have on our children. We are aware of the unique challenges that working within the system can present, and will design a garden that fits students, teachers, school resources and the curriculum.



Compost is organic waste transformed into a resource, and is invaluable in improving the fertility of your soil. We can design and build a composting system appropriate for your household needs, including a variety of containers and instruction/assistance in the composting process. We encourange all of our maintenace clients to use a compost bin to stop the flow of valuable nutrients from their property. We also create indoor kitchen composters for small spaces and brew our own compost tea to add to the life of your soil.



Urban Homestead can custom design and install a drip or other irrigation system that fits your garden and reduces your workload. We are also available to calibrate existing irrigation systems to ensure the most efficient water use.

Rainwater Harvesting
With further water restrictions on the horizon, a rainwater collection system is the ideal solution for any homeowner looking for water security. Rainwater is also naturally free of the chemicals and minerals found in municipal and well water, making it the best choice for a healthy home and landscape. Urban Homestead, in cooperation with the experts at Innovative Water Solutions, can install any size system from a few rainbarrels to a 10,000 gallon tank with advanced filtration.

Greywater is household wastewater that is still safe to use for landscape irrigation. Your kitchen sink, shower and washing machine send good vitamin rich water down the drain every day, that your plants would love to get their roots on. We can consult with you on how to recapture and best use this valuable resource.