Urban Homestead is an organic landscape design, installation and maintenance company that specializes in edible and ecological gardening. We aim to create low input and high output landscapes for a more sustainable and beautiful urban environment. Urban Homestead operates in the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

Our mission is to incorporate edible, medicinal, and native plants into residential and commercial landscapes as alternatives to more resource intensive practices, like the modern American lawn. Urban Homestead uses design and maintenance techniques that increase the productivity of plant, insect, and wildlife communities while providing fresh, locally produced food.


We will work closely with you to design a landscape that is appropriately created to suit a variety of factors such as climate, irrigation needs, desired level of garden interaction, and garden purpose. Some clients want an entirely edible front and back yard complete with tools, irrigation, how-to instruction, and regular maintenance/harvesting. Others want an aromatic wildlife or butterfly garden that incorporates native and medicinal plants but requires very little water and maintenance. In either case, Urban Homestead can tailor a landscape to your budget and needs.


Urban Homestead’s gardening practices include double dug, raised vegetable beds, use of plants that are suitable for the landscape climate and position, close plant spacing for vegetable gardens, and use of organic fertilizers and plant treatments instead of chemicals. Our designs generally follow natural patterns and take into account the multiple dimensions of space and time across the seasons. Effort is taken to encourage year round plant growth and flowering when possible. The incorporation of aromatic and highly fragrant plants is also an important factor in our design process.

Commitment to Conservation

Urban Homestead advocates the use of recycled and locally sourced materials in building your landscape, and we use only organic products + methods to maintain it. We work with predominantly manual tools to reduce air and noise pollution, and our bicycles are used more often than our trucks for most consultation and small maintenance jobs.


Arron Wilder :: San Francisco, CA
Landscape Designer

Arron holds a B.S. in Soil Science from Humboldt State University and has several years experience working as a farmer and farm apprentice. For a period of over four years Arron was an apprentice to three organic farms, all with different approaches to sustainable farming: a self-sufficient horse-powered farmstead in British Columbia, a 400 member CSA farm (Comunity Supported Agricultre) in Wisconson, and a biointensive educational mini-farm, founded by John Jeavons, author of the bestselling gardening book, How to Grow More Vegetables. Currently, Arron is a Certifed Professional Soil Scientist and consults on a variety of topics related to soil and groundwater remediation and sustainable agriculture.